Driving directions from Badou, Togo to Conakry, Guinea distance

Badou, Togo
Head west 8.6 km
Continue onto Kadjebi - Nkwanta Rd
Entering Ghana
2.6 km
Turn right onto Kadjebi - Nkwanta Rd/N2
Continue to follow N2
180 km
Turn left 42.7 km
Turn right 8.3 km
Turn right 3.1 km
Turn left 7.5 km
Turn right onto Tamale - Salaga Rd 68.3 km
Continue onto Salaga Rd 3.0 km
Turn left 5.4 km
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Tamale - Techiman Rd/N10
Continue to follow N10
193 km
Turn right 1.7 km
Turn right 11.1 km
Turn left 11.9 km
Turn left 22.4 km
Turn left onto Wenchi - Bole Rd/N12 23.8 km
Turn right toward Wenchi - Sampa Rd 12 m
Turn right onto Wenchi - Sampa Rd 75.3 km
Continue onto Sampa Wenchi Road 5.0 km
Continue onto Berekum Sampa Rd 0.3 km
Turn right toward Sampa Bondoukou Road 0.3 km
Slight left onto Sampa Bondoukou Road
Entering Côte d'Ivoire
0.3 km
Continue straight to stay on Sampa Bondoukou Road 12.8 km
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit 0.9 km
Turn left 0.4 km
Turn right 1.0 km
Turn left 0.6 km
Continue straight onto A1i/A1
Continue to follow A1
58.8 km
Turn right onto A10 250 km
Turn right toward Rue du Camp Militaire 0.5 km
Turn left onto Rue du Camp Militaire 0.7 km
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Avenue Houphouét Boigny 0.4 km
Turn right toward A8 0.3 km
Merge onto A8 199 km
Turn right 123 km
Turn left 0.7 km
Turn right 0.7 km
Turn right onto A7 69.4 km
Turn left 41.3 km
Turn left
Entering Guinea
9.7 km
Turn left onto N.18 30.8 km
Turn right 0.2 km
Turn right 42.6 km
Turn left 15.1 km
Turn right 158 km
Continue straight onto N.1 5.2 km
Continue onto N1 15.3 km
Continue onto N.1 3.3 km
Take the exit toward N.1 6 m
Keep left to continue toward N.1 26 m
Turn right onto N.1 26.3 km
Continue onto N1 31.6 km
Continue onto N.1 26.0 km
Turn right to stay on N.1 51.2 km
Continue onto N.1 3.3 km
Continue onto N.1 18.5 km
Continue onto N1 27.5 km
Continue onto N.1 15.5 km
Continue onto N.1 4.4 km
Continue onto N.1 39.0 km
Turn right 0.3 km
Turn left 1.2 km
Turn right onto N.1 27.8 km
Continue onto N.1 114 km
Turn left onto N.5 6.7 km
Turn right at N1 1.1 km
Turn right onto N1 130 km
Turn left onto Cor1 6.1 km
Turn left onto N1 110 km
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on N1 1.3 km
Continue onto N.1 3.6 km
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit and stay on N.1 8.1 km
Slight right 24 m
Turn left 26 m
Turn left 22 m
Turn left 0.1 km
Turn right
Destination will be on the right
74 m
Conakry, Guinea
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Badou to Conakry road map

Direct distance from Badou to Conakry miles / km

984.7 mi / 1,584.7 km

Badou Conakry car distance km / miles

2,369.0 km / 1,472.0 miles

Driving time Badou Conakry

1 days 16 hours 9 minutes

Average speed

59.0 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

177.67 liters

Fuel price calculator

266.51 €