Driving directions from Hualian, Taiwan to Daxi, Taiwan distance

Hualian, Taiwan
Head northeast on 節約街 toward 明義街/自由街 0.3 km
Turn left onto 中山路/花15鄉道 0.4 km
Turn right after 仁和堂中醫診所 (on the right)
Pass by 飛揚輪業行 (on the left)
0.6 km
林森路 turns left and becomes 尚志路/花19鄉道
Continue to follow 花19鄉道
2.6 km
Turn left onto 嘉新路/蘇花公路/台9線
Continue to follow 蘇花公路/台9線
Pass by 投幣式自助洗衣 (on the right in 3.9 km)
16.8 km
Turn right onto 太魯閣大橋/蘇花公路/台9線
Continue to follow 蘇花公路/台9線
12.1 km
Keep left to stay on 蘇花公路/台9線 4.1 km
Continue straight to stay on 蘇花公路/台9線
Continue to follow 台9線
9.0 km
Turn right onto 克尼布東路/台9線
Continue to follow 台9線
20.6 km
Turn left onto 蘇花公路/蘇花路二段/台9丁線/台9線
Continue to follow 蘇花公路/台9丁線/台9線
11.0 km
Turn left onto 幸福高架橋/台9線
Continue to follow 台9線
9.3 km
Turn left onto 蘇港路/台9線 1.0 km
Slight left onto 中山路二段/台9線 2.3 km
Take the exit toward Masai 0.2 km
Turn right onto 新馬陸橋/馬賽路
Continue to follow 馬賽路
0.4 km
Turn left onto 蒋渭水高速公路/蘇澳交流道/國道5號 (signs for Taipei)
Toll road
0.6 km
Continue onto 蒋渭水高速公路/蘇澳交流道
Toll road
0.1 km
Continue onto 蒋渭水高速公路/國道5號
Toll road
55.4 km
Take the exit on the left onto 國道3號 toward Xindian/Muzha
Toll road
38.1 km
Keep left to stay on 國道3號
Toll road
8.7 km
Take exit 62-大溪 toward Cihu/Daxi
Toll road
0.4 km
Turn left onto 國道三號大溪交流道聯絡道/永昌路/112甲縣道
Continue to follow 國道三號大溪交流道聯絡道/112甲縣道
0.8 km
Turn right onto 内山公路/員林路二段/台3線
Pass by 老總店檳榔 (on the right in 400 m)
0.7 km
Turn left after 7-ELEVEN 嘉福門市 (on the left)
Continue to follow 桃64鄉道
1.9 km
Turn right onto 瑞安路一段/台4線 13 m
Sharp left to stay on 瑞安路一段/台4線 81 m
Turn right onto 内山公路/康莊路/武嶺橋/台3線
Continue to follow 内山公路/康莊路/台3線
1.4 km
Turn left onto 信義路/内山公路/台3線 90 m
Turn right onto 忠孝路 16 m
Turn left onto 東和路 86 m
Turn right onto 和一路 36 m
Turn right onto 東一路
Destination will be on the left
30 m
Daxi, Taiwan
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Hualian to Daxi road map

Hualian to Daxi flight distance miles / km

65.7 mi / 105.7 km
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Hualian to Daxi car distance km / miles

199.2 km / 123.8 miles

Hualian to Daxi driving time

3 hours 25 minutes

Hualian to Daxi average speed

58.1 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

14.94 liters

Fuel price calculator

22.41 €