Driving directions from Ile-Oluji, Nigeria to Ibadan, Nigeria distance

Ile-Oluji, Nigeria
Head north 0.8 km
Continue onto Ondo Road 1.1 km
Turn left toward Ipetu - Ondo Rd 53 m
Turn right onto Ipetu - Ondo Rd 28.8 km
Turn left onto Akure Ilesha Road/A 122
Continue to follow A 122
Pass by Ipetu Motor Park (on the left in 2.0 km)
67.8 km
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and stay on A 122 62.9 km
At the roundabout, take the 5th exit onto the Lagos-Ojoo Expressway/E1 ramp 0.6 km
Merge onto Lagos-Ojoo Expressway/E1 2.5 km
Turn right 0.1 km
Take the ramp 1.8 km
Turn left toward Ode Aje Rd 0.4 km
Turn left onto Ode Aje Rd 0.1 km
Ode Aje Rd turns slightly right and becomes Apenin Road 0.2 km
Turn right 1.1 km
Turn left toward Ogboriefon Rd 0.3 km
Turn left onto Ogboriefon Rd 0.1 km
Ibadan, Nigeria
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Ile-Oluji to Ibadan road map

Direct distance from Ile-Oluji to Ibadan miles / km

67.0 mi / 107.8 km

Ile-Oluji Ibadan car distance km / miles

168.8 km / 104.9 miles

Driving time Ile-Oluji Ibadan

2 hours 30 minutes

Average speed

67.1 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

12.66 liters

Fuel price calculator

18.98 €