Driving directions from Sofia, Bulgaria to Berlin, Germany distance

Sofia, Bulgaria
Head west on пл. „Независимост“ toward пл. „Независимост“ 0.2 km
Continue onto бул. „Тодор Александров“ 2.0 km
Turn right onto бул. „Константин Величков“ 0.6 km
Turn left onto бул. „Cливница“ 5.2 km
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto бул. „Cливница“/Route 8
Continue to follow Route 8
48.6 km
Continue onto А4 2.0 km
Continue straight to stay on А4
Pass by MBG (on the right in 84.4 km)
106 km
Keep left 0.6 km
Merge onto E75 235 km
Continue onto A3 8.4 km
Take the exit toward А1 0.3 km
Keep right at the fork and merge onto А1 182 km
Continue onto А1 2.4 km
Continue onto M5 0.2 km
Continue straight to stay on M5
Partial toll road
152 km
Take exit 22-23 for E71/M0 toward Route 4/Monor/M3/Ukrajna/Nyíregyháza/Liszt Ferenc Repülőtér
Toll road
0.7 km
Keep left at the fork and merge onto E71/M0
Continue to follow M0
Partial toll road
30.8 km
Take the exit onto M1 toward Győr
Partial toll road
150 km
Take exit 166 for E65/E75/M15 toward Szlovákia/Pozsony-Bratislava/Route 1/Hegyeshalom
Toll road
0.7 km
Continue onto E65/M15 13.8 km
Continue onto E65/E75
Partial toll road
15.1 km
Keep left to continue on E65
Partial toll road
65.4 km
Continue straight onto D2/E65
Partial toll road
59.3 km
Take the exit toward Brno-jih 0.2 km
Keep left, follow signs for Praha/D1/E50/E65/E462 and merge onto D1/E462/E50
Continue to follow D1
Partial toll road
197 km
Take exit 1 for E55/E65 toward Hradec Králové 0.7 km
Continue onto E55/E65 1.6 km
Take the E55/E65 exit toward Teplice/Mladá Boleslav/Hradec Králové/Hostivař 0.3 km
Merge onto E55 5.4 km
Exit onto Městský Okruh/Průmyslová/E55 toward Teplice
Continue to follow Městský Okruh/E55
8.6 km
Take the Městský okruh exit on the left toward Centrum/Kobylisy 68 m
Keep right and merge onto E55
Partial toll road
58.8 km
Continue onto E55 5.7 km
Turn right onto Route 25831 2.9 km
Turn left onto Route 25830 0.7 km
Turn right onto Route 25829 1.9 km
Turn left onto Route 25832 1.3 km
Continue straight onto Route 25814 0.3 km
Turn right onto the ramp to Ústí n/L
Toll road
77 m
Merge onto E55
Partial toll road
28.7 km
Continue onto A17/E55
Partial toll road
44.3 km
Take the exit onto A4 toward Görlitz/Berlin/Flughafen Dresden 12.4 km
Keep right at the fork to continue on A13, follow signs for Berlin/Cottbus/Flughafen Dresden 90.2 km
At the interchange 10-Dreieck Spreewald, keep left and follow signs for A13 toward Potsdam/Berlin/Lübbenau 1.8 km
Continue onto A13 62.2 km
Continue onto A113 4.3 km
Keep left at the fork to stay on A113 14.5 km
Continue onto A100 4.4 km
Take exit 20-Tempelhofer Damm toward Potsdamer Platz Zentrum/Flughafen Tempelhof 0.3 km
Turn right onto Tempelhofer Damm/B96
Continue to follow B96
2.9 km
Turn right onto Blücherstraße 0.4 km
Turn left onto Zossener Str. 0.2 km
Slight left onto Lindenstraße 1.1 km
Continue onto Axel-Springer-Straße 0.5 km
Turn right onto Spittelmarkt/B1
Continue to follow B1
1.1 km
Keep right to continue on Grunerstraße/B1
Continue to follow B1
0.5 km
Turn left onto Alexanderstraße/B2/B5 0.4 km
Slight left onto Memhardstraße 0.2 km
Turn right onto Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 47 m
Turn right
Restricted usage road
Destination will be on the left
38 m
Berlin, Germany
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Sofia to Berlin road map

Direct distance from Sofia to Berlin miles / km

819.5 mi / 1,318.8 km

Sofia Berlin car distance km / miles

1,637.6 km / 1,017.5 miles

Driving time Sofia Berlin

16 hours 13 minutes

Average speed

100.9 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

122.82 liters

Fuel price calculator

184.23 €