Driving directions from Sofia, Bulgaria to Warsaw, Poland distance

Sofia, Bulgaria
Head north on бул. „княз Александър Дондуков“ toward бул. „княз Александър Дондуков“ 0.4 km
Turn left onto ул. „Георги Бенковски“ 0.2 km
Turn right onto ул. „Искър“ 84 m
Turn left onto ул. „Георги С. Раковски“ 0.5 km
Turn left onto бул. „Cливница“ 0.2 km
Keep left to stay on бул. „Cливница“ 0.5 km
Merge onto бул. „Cливница“ 7.0 km
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto бул. „Cливница“/Route 8
Continue to follow Route 8
48.5 km
Continue onto А4 2.0 km
Continue straight to stay on А4
Pass by Паркинг (on the left in 32.8 km)
61.3 km
Continue onto А4 1.9 km
Turn left to stay on А4
Pass by the gas station (on the right in 19.5 km)
41.6 km
Keep left 0.6 km
Merge onto E75 235 km
Continue onto A3 8.4 km
Take the exit toward А1 0.3 km
Keep right at the fork and merge onto А1 182 km
Continue onto А1 2.4 km
Continue onto M5 0.2 km
Continue straight to stay on M5
Partial toll road
152 km
Take exit 22-23 for E71/M0 toward Route 4/Monor/M3/Ukrajna/Nyíregyháza/Liszt Ferenc Repülőtér
Partial toll road
0.7 km
Keep left at the fork, follow signs for ⛉ E75 and merge onto E71/M0
Continue to follow M0
30.8 km
Take the exit onto M1 toward Győr
Partial toll road
150 km
Take exit 166 for E65/E75/M15 toward Szlovákia/Pozsony-Bratislava/Route 1/Hegyeshalom
Toll road
0.7 km
Continue onto E65/M15 13.8 km
Continue onto E65/E75
Partial toll road
15.1 km
Keep left to continue on E65
Partial toll road
65.4 km
Continue straight onto D2/E65
Partial toll road
59.3 km
Take the exit toward Brno-jih 0.2 km
Keep left, follow signs for Ostrava/Olomouc/Letiště/D1/E50/E462 and merge onto D1/E462/E50
Continue to follow D1/E462
Partial toll road
33.7 km
Take exit 230 for R46/E462 toward Olomouc/Ostrava/Vyškov
Toll road
0.9 km
Continue onto D46/E462
Toll road
36.4 km
Take the exit on the left onto D35/E442/E462 toward Hranice/Opava/Ostrava/Olomouc-Holice/Route 35/R46
Continue to follow E462
Toll road
45.7 km
Continue onto D1
Partial toll road
65.3 km
Continue onto A1 91.2 km
Merge onto S1 11.7 km
At the interchange Podwarpie, keep right and follow signs for DK1/E75 toward Łódź/Częstochowa/Warszawa 1.1 km
Merge onto DK86 0.5 km
Continue onto DK1 123 km
Continue onto A1/E75 (signs for Łódź/DK8/E67/Warszawa) 2.8 km
Keep right to continue on E67/S8, follow signs for Warszawa/DK12/Radom 95.1 km
Continue onto DK8/E67 22.5 km
Continue onto S8 8.8 km
Continue onto DK7 6.3 km
Continue onto Aleje Jerozolimskie 0.1 km
Keep left to stay on Aleje Jerozolimskie 1.7 km
Continue onto DW717 0.5 km
Turn left onto Grójecka/DW631 0.5 km
At plac Zawiszy, take the 1st exit onto Aleje Jerozolimskie/DW631 0.9 km
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and stay on Aleje Jerozolimskie/DW631 0.7 km
Enter the roundabout
Destination will be on the left
31 m
Warsaw, Poland
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Sofia to Warsaw road map

Direct distance from Sofia to Warsaw miles / km

667.3 mi / 1,073.9 km

Sofia Warsaw car distance km / miles

1,630.5 km / 1,013.2 miles

Driving time Sofia Warsaw

16 hours 16 minutes

Average speed

100.2 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

122.29 liters

Fuel price calculator

183.43 €