Driving directions from Tianshui, China to Gaoqiao, China distance

Tianshui, China
Head north on 罗玉路 toward 岷山路 41 m
Sharp left to stay on 罗玉路 0.4 km
Turn right onto 藉河北路 0.8 km
Turn left onto 东团庄藉河大桥/合作中路 0.2 km
Continue onto 合作南路 0.5 km
Turn right onto 羲皇大道西路 4.0 km
Continue straight onto 秦州大道/G310 1.9 km
Take the ramp to 连霍高速公路/G30 0.3 km
Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Baoji/宝鸡 and merge onto 连霍高速公路/G30
Toll road
11.8 km
Take the exit toward 皂郊路/G247 1.0 km
Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Wudu/武都 33 m
Turn left onto 皂郊路/G247
Continue to follow G247
8.5 km
Continue straight onto G316 (signs for Niangniangba/娘娘坝/Huixian Cnty/徽县/Hui Xian/G316) 50.3 km
Turn left 25.9 km
Sharp left 0.2 km
Turn right
Destination will be on the left
0.2 km
Gaoqiao, China
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Tianshui to Gaoqiao road map

Tianshui to Gaoqiao flight distance miles / km

35.5 mi / 57.1 km
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Tianshui to Gaoqiao car distance km / miles

106.2 km / 66.0 miles

Tianshui to Gaoqiao driving time

2 hours 44 minutes

Tianshui to Gaoqiao average speed

38.6 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

7.96 liters

Fuel price calculator

11.95 €