Driving directions from Xi’an, China to Weiyanggong, China distance

Xi’an, China
Head south on 骆驼巷 toward 菜坑岸 41 m
Turn right onto 菜坑岸 0.2 km
Turn left onto 龙渠湾 0.1 km
Turn right onto 南马道巷 0.2 km
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit 0.4 km
Turn right onto 环城西路/环城西路北段 0.3 km
Keep left to stay on 环城西路/环城西路北段 0.5 km
Keep left to continue on 玉祥门立交/环城西路/环城西路北段, follow signs for N 2nd Ring/北二环/Bei Er Huan
Continue to follow 环城西路/环城西路北段
1.3 km
Continue onto 星火路/星火路隧道
Continue to follow 星火路
0.8 km
Keep left to stay on 星火路, follow signs for Longshou N Rd/龙首北路/Long Shou Bei Lu/N 2nd Ring/北二环/Bei Er Huan 0.9 km
Turn left onto 梨园路 1.0 km
Turn left onto 劳动北路 0.4 km
Turn right onto 永安路 53 m
Turn right
Destination will be on the right
70 m
Weiyanggong, China
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Xi’an to Weiyanggong road map

Xi’an to Weiyanggong flight distance miles / km

2.4 mi / 3.8 km
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Xi’an to Weiyanggong car distance km / miles

6.2 km / 3.9 miles

Xi’an to Weiyanggong driving time

18 minutes

Xi’an to Weiyanggong average speed

20.6 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

0.47 liters

Fuel price calculator

0.70 €