Driving directions from Yilan, Taiwan to Banqiao, Taiwan distance

Yilan, Taiwan
Head north on 中山路三段 toward 中山路三段104巷
Pass by 日立變頻冷氣 (on the left in 650 m)
0.9 km
Continue onto 中山路五段/宜蘭橋
Continue to follow 中山路五段
Pass by 麗雅舒壓 (on the right in 350 m)
0.4 km
Turn right after 伍拾兩檳榔 (on the right)
Continue to follow 192甲縣道
0.8 km
Turn right onto 宜蘭河左岸堤防 27 m
Turn left to stay on 宜蘭河左岸堤防 1.5 km
Turn left toward 七張路/宜12鄉道 0.2 km
Turn left onto 七張路/宜12鄉道 69 m
Turn right 0.3 km
Slight right onto 191縣道 1.4 km
Merge onto 國道5號 via the ramp on the left to Luodong
Toll road
36.5 km
Take the exit on the left onto 國道3號 toward Xindian/Muzha
Toll road
19.8 km
Take exit 35-中和 to merge onto 台64線 toward Banqiao 4.1 km
Take exit 20-板橋 for Wanban Rd. toward Banqiao/Taipei 0.2 km
Merge onto 新北市特一號道路/民生路二段/民生陸橋(大漢橋/長江路/文化路)/106甲縣道 0.2 km
Turn left onto 新北市特一號道路/民生路二段/106甲縣道 50 m
Turn left onto 民生路二段 0.3 km
Turn right onto 縣民大道二段 0.5 km
Turn left onto 漢生東路 0.2 km
Turn right
Destination will be on the right
23 m
Banqiao, Taiwan
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Yilan to Banqiao road map

Yilan to Banqiao flight distance miles / km

25.2 mi / 40.6 km
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Yilan to Banqiao car distance km / miles

67.4 km / 41.9 miles

Yilan to Banqiao driving time

1 hours 3 minutes

Yilan to Banqiao average speed

63.8 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

5.05 liters

Fuel price calculator

7.58 €