Driving directions from Zarqa, Jordan to Wādī as Sīr, Jordan distance

Zarqa, Jordan
Head south 0.3 km
Turn left 0.5 km
Turn left toward Army St/Route 30 0.5 km
Turn right onto Army St/Route 30 0.7 km
Keep left to continue on Army St 19.7 km
Take the ramp onto Istiqlal St 4.5 km
Keep left to stay on Istiqlal St 1.0 km
Continue onto Q. Nour St. 2.1 km
Slight right to stay on Q. Nour St. (signs for Airport) 0.2 km
Keep right to continue toward Zahran St 74 m
Slight right onto Zahran St 1.2 km
Slight left to stay on Zahran St 1.0 km
Keep left to stay on Zahran St, follow signs for Wadi Al- Seer/Airport 2.5 km
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Al-Bayader St. heading to Wadi Sier 1.4 km
Continue straight 1.4 km
Turn left onto Iraq Al-Amir St. 70 m
Turn left 28 m
Turn right 60 m
Turn right 84 m
Wādī as Sīr, Jordan
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Zarqa to Wādī as Sīr road map

Zarqa to Wādī as Sīr flight distance miles / km

17.8 mi / 28.7 km
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Zarqa to Wādī as Sīr car distance km / miles

37.3 km / 23.2 miles

Zarqa to Wādī as Sīr driving time

57 minutes

Zarqa to Wādī as Sīr average speed

38.7 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

2.80 liters

Fuel price calculator

4.20 €