Driving directions from Fengcheng, China to Chedun, China distance

Fengcheng, China
Head west on 奉城·西街 toward 013县道/新奉公路/X013 0.1 km
Turn left onto 013县道/新奉公路/X013 0.5 km
Turn right onto 221省道/南奉公路/S221
Continue to follow 南奉公路
2.2 km
Turn left onto the ramp to G1501上海绕城高速/大亭公路/郊环线/G1501
Partial toll road
1.1 km
Keep right at the fork and merge onto G1501上海绕城高速/大亭公路/郊环线/G1501
Toll road
25.1 km
Take exit G15/宁波/南通/亭林 toward G15沈海高速/嘉金高速/G15
Toll road
0.2 km
Keep right at the fork to continue on Exit G15/南通 and merge onto G15沈海高速/嘉金高速/G15
Toll road
12.9 km
Take exit S32/嘉兴/浦东机场/车亭公路 toward 209省道/320国道/车亭公路/G320/S209
Toll road
0.2 km
Keep right at the fork to continue on Exit S32/浦东机场/车亭公路
Toll road
0.1 km
Keep left to continue on Exit 车亭公路
Partial toll road
1.9 km
Turn left onto 209省道/320国道/车亭公路/G320/S209 2.5 km
Continue straight onto 209省道/新车公路/S209/S226 0.6 km
Turn right onto 南姚路
Destination will be on the right
0.1 km
Chedun, China
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Fengcheng to Chedun road map

Fengcheng to Chedun flight distance miles / km

21.0 mi / 33.7 km
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Fengcheng to Chedun car distance km / miles

47.5 km / 29.5 miles

Fengcheng to Chedun driving time

49 minutes

Fengcheng to Chedun average speed

57.3 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

3.57 liters

Fuel price calculator

5.35 €