Driving directions from Tianshui, China to Mayuan, China distance

Tianshui, China
Head north on 罗玉路 toward 岷山路 41 m
Sharp left to stay on 罗玉路 0.4 km
Turn right onto 藉河北路 0.1 km
Turn left onto 天庆藉河大桥 0.2 km
Turn right onto 藉河南路 5.7 km
Continue straight 0.1 km
Turn left 0.3 km
Turn right onto 秦州大道/G310 0.9 km
Take the ramp to 连霍高速公路/G30 0.3 km
Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Baoji/宝鸡 and merge onto 连霍高速公路/G30
Toll road
13.2 km
Take the exit toward Hanzhong/汉中/Wudu/武都/Shiyan/十堰/Chengdu/成都
Toll road
0.8 km
Continue onto 十天高速公路/G7011
Toll road
2.1 km
Keep left to stay on 十天高速公路/G7011
Toll road
16.7 km
Keep left to stay on 十天高速公路/G7011
Toll road
14.1 km
Take the exit toward G247/G316 1.2 km
Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Tianshui Town/天水镇/Tian Shui Zhen/S306/S306 32 m
Turn left onto G247/G316 1.6 km
Turn right 8.2 km
Keep right 1.4 km
Turn right 2.9 km
Slight right 1.6 km
Keep right 0.7 km
Turn right 2.2 km
Continue straight 0.4 km
Continue straight 4.2 km
Turn left 7.0 km
Slight right 1.3 km
Keep left 5.7 km
Turn right 1.1 km
Mayuan, China
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Tianshui to Mayuan road map

Tianshui to Mayuan flight distance miles / km

38.4 mi / 61.8 km
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Tianshui to Mayuan car distance km / miles

94.6 km / 58.8 miles

Tianshui to Mayuan driving time

2 hours 29 minutes

Tianshui to Mayuan average speed

38.0 km/h

Fuel consumption calculator

7.09 liters

Fuel price calculator

10.64 €